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We have lots of experience with balcony design and balcony plants. We know the balcony plants that will survive exposed to winds on high-rise buildings. And whether you have a sheltered space or an exposed terrace balcony, we can help you find the right design and plant collection.


If you have moved into a new home and are wondering what plants will work well on your balcony or if you have tried plants already without success, then we're here to help. Our design and planting expertise means we can help you choose the best approach for your outdoor spaces, offering low maintenance options that will look good all year round.


Our design & planting team has experimented with many plant varieties and planters sizes and styles and experience has taught us a lot about how to help our customers make the most of their balconies. 


And whatever you decide we can always give you some helpful advice to make the best of your outdoor space!

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